How to help your child talk and grow smarter

Discover easy ways to help your baby:



Parents, nannies, health visitors and childminders all need to know the secrets of easy language learning.

This book tells you everything you need to know during your baby’s first three years of life, to help him or her learn to talk easily and happily. Download it in seconds to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac.

It’s based on the many years I spent as a speech and language therapist in England and Europe and on my hands-on experience with three children of my own.

I know what it feels like to bring up a family at the same time as working. I know how much you want to do the best for your child. 

That’s why I’ve made this book simple to read, understand and put into practice.


All you need to do is understand what your child is learning, find out how you can help and be clear which activities you should choose.

How To Help Your Child Talk and Grow Smarter is ideal for first-time parents as well as those with older children. You’ll learn things that will surprise you, including:

Your child’s first years will be over before you know it. Make the most of them.

Find out now how to give him the skills he needs to make friends, learn, think and succeed for the rest of his life.

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Your simple step-by-step guide to the Five Keys your child needs in his first three years.
Download How to Help Your Child Talk and Grow Smarter in seconds and find out:

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