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Communication is one of the most complex and important of human achievements. We’ve taken communication to an incredible height of sophistication, through talking, reading, writing, gesture and facial expression.

Much of the time we take communication for granted, but most of us could do better, and could find ourselves being more successful, if only we were better communicators.

Sometimes something goes wrong, whether it’s simply losing your voice for a day with laryngitis, or losing the ability to understand what people are saying after a stroke. Some people, perhaps if they stammer, find talking troublesome, while others have difficulty with reading and writing.

This section of the site will hold information on how we can make the most of our incredible powers of communication, on things that might go wrong, and on what we can do to overcome any difficulties.

Links on the left side of the pages on this site will take you to articles, blogs and a forum, and from time to time you'll see products you can download on the right side of the page.