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8 Mar 2011 NEWS Help Your Child Talk: Take a Look Baby Project

Is it possible to predict potential languge difficulties when a baby is just 6 months old, researchers in london are wondering.

Professor Derek Moore, of University of East London's Institute for Research in Child Development believes it might be possible, by tracking baby's eye movements.

By following how a baby watches a speaker's mouth and eyes, using video clips, researchers hope to find clues to differences between most babies who have no language difficulty and those that are likely to find language hard to learn.

The three year "Take a Look Baby" study may offer the chance for early intervention to babies at risk of joining the one in ten people who have lifelong communication problems.

Tower Hamlets Children's Services and Acuity ETS Ltd are running the project in partnership, along with colleagues from the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birkbeck College.